Philippines Free Ads Online - Buy and Sell your Products & Services Promote your products and services, Buy and Sell in the Philippines Create your own online store and display your items for sale for free en_US Techni ice What is <a href="">Techni Ice</a>?<br><br><b>Techni Ice</b> packs are incredibly useful to have around. They are valuable anywhere – from hospitals to food and beverage establishments, from household use to the great outdoors, from sports to first aid, Techni-Ice is versatile and flexible, only you can run out of ideas on where and how to use it.<br><br><b>Techni-Ice Dry Ice Packs Heavy Duty Reusable (HDR)</b><br><br>These new technology “dry ice” packs are the perfect replacement for applications where dry ice, ice packs, gel packs, or regular ice is ordinarily used.Inside this HDR (Heavy Duty Reusable) model is the NON-TOXIC polymer refrigerant. The inner layers on both sides are made of textile/fabric while outer layers on both sides are made of plastic.<br><br><b>Features and Benefits:</b><br><br>--The Best Polymer Refrigerant in the Market<br>--Hygienic and Reusable<br>--Lightweight<br>--Flexible<br>--Versatile<br><br>For more inquiries, visit us <a href="null"></a> or email us at <a href="null"></a><br><br> 06 Oct 2015 20:25 ATOVI PREMIX SUPPLEMENT LESS FOOD MORE NUTRIENTS FOR YOUR PETS <div>ATOVI PERFORMANCE ENHANCER</div><div>CAPSULES</div><div>PREMIX MINERALS &nbsp;&amp; NUTRIENTS FOR PETS &amp; LIVESTOCK</div><div>PERFORMANCE AND IMMUNE ENHANCER</div><div>Php350 /150 capsules</div><div>Benefits attained: &nbsp;</div><div>* Builds muscle for better conditioning</div><div>* Faster growing period &amp; increase profitability</div><div>* Lower food intake means bigger savings!!</div><div>* Higher livability &amp; lower mortality rate</div><div>* Free of Antibiotics and chemical residues</div><div>* Environment-friendly waste / less ammonia. &nbsp;No Foul Odor.</div><div>* Lower Bacterial load &amp; high resistance to bacterial &amp; viral infections</div><div>* Improved &amp; enhanced breeding operations &amp; greater Uniformity in Litter &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;</div><div>* Early return to Estrus &nbsp;and a lot more.</div><div>ALSO OTHER PERF SUPPLEMENTS AVAILABLE: Malunggay Moringa, shark oil, Calcium, heat inducer, Lecithin, Garlic oil, breeding supplements etc.</div><div>Text or call at +639195272603 / 02-7817433</div><div>NATIONWIDE DELIVERY VIA LBC<span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space:pre"> </span></div> 21 Jul 2015 18:56