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How to Create your Online Store at Adsdito.com
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howto Offline 6 posts | Citizen
Posted 09/15/2011, 03:09:33 AM Member since 09/12/2010, 10:25:17 PM
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Creating an Online Store is very easy at Adsdito.com You simply put your Store Items and then Put the best information about your store and that's it your are done.

I will show you how to create your Online store follow the steps below.

  1. Login using your account at adsdito.com
  2. In the Member Options at the right panel, Click "Create your Online Store"
  3. In the Logo, Upload your Store logo by clicking the upload button. This logo will be seen on your Store page
  4. In the Title, Type the Best possible Title of your Store
  5. In the Store Information, You can introduce your products and your services put the best and convincing sales talk to your prospective buyers
  6. In the Small Logo (90x40), Upload your Store small logo. This logo will be seen in the Featured Stores in the Frontpage of Adsdito.com
  7. In the Optimized URL Text, Type the name of your store make it short so that buyers can easily remember your store name
  8. In the Page Title, Type the best title of your Store make it relavant to what you are selling
  9. In the Meta Keywords, Type the relevant keywords about your store type the products or service you are offering
  10. In the Meta Description, Type the description of your Store 
  11. Click the Update Profile Button
After creating your Online Store, The Web address or URL address  of your Store will be www.adsdito.com/store/tiangge.htm that is If you enter "tiangge" in the Optimized URL Text above (#7 step)

Now After creating your Online Store, Change your Store Items URL or Store Items Web Address so that you will have an Easy to Remember Store Items URL for your products

Here are the Steps to Change your Store Item URL address to an easy to remember URL

  1. Click the Change My Store Items URL on the right side panel
  2. In the Optimized URL Text, Type and easy to remember Store Name. You can type the Store Name you put when you create your Online Store eg. "tiangge"
  3. Type the Page Title,  Meta Keywords and Meta Description of your Store Items page
  4. Click Update Profile
After you change your Store Item URL address to an easy to remember URL Your Store Items URL or Web Address will be like this www.adsdito.com/tiangge.html

Whenever a buyer Clicks your Seller Items Link they will gonna open your Optimized Store Item URL

You can use your Optimized Store Item URL to promote your products to other websites or blogs by simply entering your Store Items URL such as "www.adsdito.com/tiangge.html"

Start Creating your Online Store now so that you can promote your Products and Services to your would be customers

If you have any Questions or You get lost following the steps above your can post your questions here

mhey8810 Offline 1 posts | Citizen
Posted 01/15/2012, 03:16:36 AM Member since 01/15/2012, 12:29:40 AM
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what can i do to start and make adds in addsdito?
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juntech Offline 4 posts | Citizen
Posted 03/02/2012, 12:17:10 PM Member since 09/12/2010, 11:52:33 PM
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thanks a lot for the info....this is very helpful for newbies like us....
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