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                                      How is cervical vertebra disease to stare at the young people?
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                                      Survey shows that about 7%-10% of people suffering from cervical disease, including 40 years of age, the number of patients with more than half. Especially on adolescent patients. The above data is a warning to us: the rapid development of modern civilization is to show the trend of younger age cervical disease. More and more teenagers with cervical vertebra disease "soon".

                                      Cervical spondylosis is how to stare at the young people

                                      Cervical vertebra disease is also called cervical syndrome. It has three characteristics: one is the neck symptoms, neck outside the symptoms, patients often can not think of their own cervical disease; two is a wide range of lesions, often involved in the limbs, head, trunk, internal organs: three is the prognosis is poor, if not treated, can lead to lifelong disability. In our small cervical spine, there are bone marrow, nerve, vertebral artery, and sympathetic nerve, which can be a big problem.

                                      Teenagers now due to the intense study, at desk for a long time to read and write, easily lead to neck muscle fatigue; desk posture undeserved and every day carrying a heavy bag will intervertebral space induced inflammatory edema, serious can also cause cervical disc herniations: due to cervical spondylosis caused cerebral blood supply insufficiency, gastrointestinal diseases and multiple sources of cervical disease of young people more and more: there are some young people due to indulge in computer games and high pillow, soft beds and other factors, long time maintain a single position, thereby increasing the cervical vertebra disease risk, the chance of suffering from cervical spondylosis are also increasing.

                                      How to prevent cervical vertebra disease

                                      1. In a sitting position should be possible to maintain the natural end seat, head slightly forward, keeping the head, neck, chest and the normal physiological curve, raising or lowering the height ratio of desk and chair, to avoid head and neck after excessive Yang, or excessive flexion.

                                      2, the adolescents in learning 1 ~ 2 hours after, should be to let the head and neck to turning around several times, the rotation should be gentle, slow, in order to achieve the maximum range of motion shall prevail; or clip to do shoulder motion, two shoulder slowly deflating 3 to 5 seconds and shoulders to adhere to 3 to 5 seconds, repeat six to eight times; every time a long time desk study, should be made payable to afar half a minute or so, this can eliminate the fatigue, and conducive to the cervical health care.

                                      If you have suffered from the cervical vertebra disease must be timely and effective treatment, and pay attention to work and rest, to avoid the adverse consequences.

                                      Treatment for cervical spondylosis

                                      Non operative treatment is the basic therapy of cervical spondylosis. It includes cervical traction, physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, drugs, collar and neck care and medical sports and self therapy, the symptoms of cervical spondylosis loss, improved significantly, and even cure, in patients with early stage cervical spondylosis is especially useful.

                                      Only a few cases of cervical spondylosis, such as nerve, blood vessel, compression symptoms of spinal cord compression, or recurrent, serious impact on work and life, it is necessary to surgical treatment. Treatment, should be based on the patient's condition to choose appropriate surgical treatment. Strengthen the bones Ca + + Exercise sun

                                      The occurrence of dietary nutrition and osteoporosis has a great relationship, 18 years of age children and adolescents, daily intake of 1200 mg of calcium, adults should take 800 milligrams of calcium daily, but should take more vitamin D, to help the body more easily and more effectively absorb calcium. China is rich in vitamin D food, are sardines, cod-liver oil etc.. Dietary calcium can not meet the needs, should be under the guidance of a doctor to take calcium supplements to supplement. The sun is a kind of calcium method.

                                      Sun sun on the prevention of osteoporosis is good, because the sun's ultraviolet radiation is conducive to the formation of vitamin D, and thus promote the absorption of calcium, prevention of osteoporosis. However, not where the sun can receive such an effect. The ultraviolet wavelength is very short, and the ordinary glass can not pass through. Therefore, sitting in the room across the glass drying too can only get infrared. Gentle comfort, but not the enjoyment of uv. A bone calcium". Adhere to the sun should not less than 30 ~ 60 minutes every day, especially young people must always be close to the sun, because the body's bone density is mainly in the formation of young people, more than the sun is conducive to higher bone density. The sun is also the time to pay attention. In winter, there are three time periods are suitable for the sun: the first stage is 9 ~ 6 am, this time Duan Yangguang temperature is higher, ultraviolet radiation is relatively weak, the main role of the human body warm, can make the body heat, promote blood circulation and metabolism, enhance human vitality. Second, the three stage is 9-10 am and PM 4 to 5, the two time period is characterized by ultraviolet A light beam components, is to get in the body, "sunshine vitamin" - a good time, but also can promote intestinal calcium, phosphorus absorption, increase the strong physique, is conducive to bone calcium formation.

                                      In recent years, some researchers of "pure calcium and vitamin D can increase the bone density of" point of view questioned. The clinical findings, some long-term bedridden elderly, in spite of the many calcium or vitamin D, but their osteoporosis still rapid development; astronauts diet are not short of calcium, but they in weightlessness was a huge loss of calcium caused by bone mineral density decreased, after returning to the earth for a long time to recover gradually.

                                      Therefore, the relevant research. Increasing bone mineral density to prevent osteoporosis, on the one hand need to supplement calcium, on the other hand, must be in the state of loading can make calcium effectively absorbed in bone tissue.

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