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                                      Company profile

                                        Henan Province Sheng Chang Medical Devices Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, is a high-tech company dedicated to the development, production and sales of rehabilitation physiotherapy equipments, Sheng Chang medical products have acquired a number of patents, and the products have passed CMD certification, ISO13485, ISO9001 and YY/T0287 medical equipment quality management system. Sheng Chang medical company is evaluated as one of the Top Ten Most Growth Potential Scientific Enterprises by Henan Province Development and Reform Commission, Science and Technology Department of Henan Province, Henan Academy of Sciences, and Henan Province Science and Technology Association, also, it is recognized as the Third Grade Company in Safety Standardization Production by the Henan Administration of Work Safety, it is selected as one of the promoted well-known brands in Henan medical devices industry by Henan Province Brand Promotion Office, and an executive member of the Henan Province Medical Association. 

                                        The main products include: extracorporeal shock wave therapy device, magnetic resonance thermal therapy device (soft tissue pain therapy device), the swallowing nerve and muscle electrical stimulation device (dysphagia therapy device), air pressure circulation therapy device (hemiparalysis treatment device), transcranial magnetic therapy device (cerebral circulation therapy device), infrared polarized light therapy device (intelligent pain treatment device), low-frequency electronic pulse therapy device (spasticity treatment device) and multi-functional traction bed, fumigation treatment device, cervical traction chair, upper limb joint rehabilitation device, lower limb joint rehabilitation device, massage bed, far infrared massage physical therapy bed, vertical bed, multi position manipulation bed, computer thermostat wax device, thermostatic pelotherapy device. These products apply to the following categories: Sound therapy, light therapy, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, hyperthermia, wax therapy, steam treatment, music therapy, pressure therapy, massage therapy, traction therapy, PT exercise therapy, OT therapy, rehabilitation evaluation products and rehabilitation products for children, all products are a variety of required devices of Ministry of health rehabilitation center; products are distributed to medical units of all levels across the whole country. Shengchang medical is willing to wholeheartedly provide the design scheme and the full range of consulting, planning, construction, after-sales service and technical training support for rehabilitation centers of all levels of hospitals, rehabilitation centers, community health care and the disabled federation.

                                        Sheng Chang company adheres to the philosophy of people-oriented idea, new product development philosophy, scientific management system, high-quality and stable technical team, the perfect sales system which has attracted tremendous attention of our users. After years of development, we continue to innovate and accelerate the medical hardware, software development, so as to produce high-quality multi-level recovery devices for the user, and maximally reduce the pain of patients and sub-health conditioning, let everybody enjoy a healthy life and provide more high social benefit and economic benefit for the user.

                                        Our company adheres to the integrity-based, business for the business philosophy, and with reliable quality, reasonable price, excellent service, excellent reputation, we are looking forward to your attention and support!

                                        Production base: Laodian development zone, Huaxian, Henan province, China



                                        Hotline: 0372-8343666/777/888